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love the land


ABI – ORGANIC AGRICULTURE Ltd., assumed the responsibility of the Organic Agriculture Department of Amiran – Kenya. This Agricultural Initiative was launched in 2005. Our team is headed by Bio-Organic Agriculture Consultant, Minister Yadiel Ben Israel and Ammi Israel.

OUR PARTNERSHIPS love the land

Since then, we have continued to partner with African Borehole Initiatives Ltd. on many fronts, one of which is ensuring that our farmers have access to dependable water supply.

We have also developed a partnership with Amiran Kenya Ltd, having a shared vision of providing regenerative, sustainable means of farming, while utilizing modern technology. This partnership has produced the ABI-AMIRAN ORGANIC FARMERS KIT, providing a complete set of tools for the small scale farmer, the only of its kind in Kenya.

OUR PRINCIPLE love the land

Embodied within the lasting principles of “Love the Land, and the land will love you in return” is the understanding of that mutually beneficial relationship between the soil, plants and man. We are committed to first, bringing this awareness to each farmer highlighting the benefits of using a regenerative, bio-organic approach to agriculture. The farmer can be assured that he/she will reap the benefits of increased soil fertility, better health and a system that will increase returns over time.

Loving the Land: means that the mother who cared for the soil, received produce with highest nutritional value for the physical and mental development of her children.

Loving the land: means that policy makers who are looking for long-term genuine food security, wanting to take care of the soil and grow highest quality produce to create the strongest national population will achieve those goals.

Loving the land: provided for that farmer who wanted higher returns for his quality produce to ensure long-term economic security for his family.

We love the Land, and the Land loves us!

OUR ROOTSlove the land

Our expertise in organic regenerative Agriculture has its roots in our over 40-year experience in organic farming in southern Israel where we have thrived as certified organic agriculturists. Over the years we have fine-tuned our approach to crop production, ensuring the natural processes within living ecosystems of the soil and environment are maintained, thus creating a balance in which both micro-organisms and crops flourish.

OUR PASSIONlove the land

We are passionate about preserving the environment by improving soil fertility, and eliminating dangerous toxic chemicals from the soil.

We are passionate about providing and ensuring that our water systems are un-polluted and remain safe for flora and fauna to flourish.

We are passionate about ensuring that plants, vegetables and fruits contain all necessary nutrients, and are of superior quality for optimal health of the individual, family and nation.

We are passionate about assisting each farmer to become economically independent by truly investing in his/her natural resource – THE SOIL, improving its value over time, thus increasing returns. THAT, is the true investment!

MAKE OUR PASSION YOUR PASSION, Transforming Kenya, East Africa, Africa one farmer at a time! cropped-cropped-abi_organic.png