Our Partners

amiranlogoSince its inception in 1963, Amiran Kenya Ltd has been a driving force behind the horticulture and floriculture industries in Kenya and throughout East Africa.  Over the years Amiran has expanded its activities and is today a leader in telecommunications, water purification, solar energy, generators and more.

A part of the Balton CP group of companies headquartered in the United Kingdom and spread throughout Africa and Israel, Amiran Kenya provides complete solutions in all of its fields of expertise.  From products and services to training and capacity building, the Amiran Kenya Ltd brand has become synonymous with the highest international standards of excellence.

Through decades of partnership with Kenya’s large and small scale growers, Amiran has become a “one stop shop” for all of Kenya’s agricultural needs.   While playing a significant role in bringing the Kenyan floriculture industry to its place as a global leader, Amiran has also remained focused on the needs of horticulture and cereal growers.


A social enterprise organization, African Boreholes Initiative (ABI) was founded and registered in Kenya in 2005.

We believe that empowering communities to apply appropriate technology leads to poverty reduction. Our goal for water is to ensure communities have the capacity to develop, operate and maintain their water sources in a sustainable way. Our innovative technologies and professional services have a rapid and widespread application. Our technologies work, are durable and affordable. Delivered rapidly, this guarantees maximum impact where it is needed most. African Boreholes Initiative believes that economic and human development is more sustainable when projects and products are commercially viable. Hence our focus on ‘social enterprises’ . This happens when markets are created for products that are manufactured or grown by low income households or groups. We are committed to re-investing a percentage of profits into other social enterprises.